Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Report - September 2

Tuesday, unofficially the first real day of the Republican Convention, was three hours of speeches. Notable speech-makers: Laura Bush, President Bush, Fred Thompson, and Democrat traitor Joe Lieberman. Fred's speech was all red meat, and was LONG overdue. We anticipate similar partisan language on Wednesday night. Here are the pics from Tuesday:

The Convention Center, 3pm

From the Blogger NoseBleed Seats

The girls with the 'missiles' were at the Gitmo cell:

The Gitmo exhibit, but without the 30-seconds of torture...

Google's un-manned booth

More of a PR stunt, dictated by the Dems.

Looks like some of the vacationing congressmen are in town.

Gitmo exhibiters.  "Close Gitmo" is their message.

The only Ron Paul person seen Tuesday

More 'missile' girls

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