Monday, August 25, 2008

Report: August 25

Day One in Denver:

At Capitol - Forget cleaner water, we need safer weed!

Legalize Mary Jane.  Endorsed by former President Clinton...

The weed crowd were all smiles

Downtown: Try to lecture these guys about their carbon footprint!

At Capitol: on the periphery of the Recreate68 rally.  (About 2pm, more cops than protesters)

At Recreate68 rally.  Nothing like a little capitalism before the revolution!

Not sure what to make of this guy...

In the park next to the capitol.

Watch these two dope heads drag the flag in the grass.  Notice the peace symbol - they disrespected their own version of the flag.  Patriots.

Pirates for Obama?  Is there anyone left in support of McCain???


Join Greenpeace, then stand on a corner and try to recruit others!

Hillary supporters with a big carbon footprint.  We saw these guys several times today.  Passionate.  Enthusiastic.  2nd Place to the guy with 140 days in the US Senate.

More Hillary supporters.  Loyal.  Determined.  Hopefully patient.

This guy was hanging out at the train station.  Of all things to put on a sign...

Cops at every corner.  This was before noon!

Hillary supporters at the train station.  PUMA!!

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sodalicious said...

Great pictures... I always say "Red States Blue States = Coke or Pepsi" and then the DNC ends up in the Pepsi Stadium... who'd have guessed!