Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Report: August 26

We stayed late Tuesday hoping for a Hillary Surprise, hence the late post.  Enjoy!

It has been a while since we felt sorry for a liberal, but this was just sad.  The pink sticker on this guy's shirt was common at the convention.  "Make Out, Not War"  Well, this guy and his 4 friends were sitting in front of the Federal Reserve, achieving Self Actualization.

The Truthers were absent Monday, but a few were seen Tuesday.  Their numbers might be falling with the latest study that proved Trade Center 7 did NOT fall from explosives.  

8pm.  Some businesses closing, others opening.  Obama might have more to say about his patriotism, but these girls don't!  And no, we didn't see any vacationing members of congress nearby...

A common scene every 2-3 blocks.  In between: a few police horses or beat cops.  Everything is covered downtown.  An anonymous Denver PD officer agreed with out theory: When tear-gassing liberals, you must use a liberal dose of tear gas!

Is this a convention, or a 4H show?

She'll dance if you're a registered voter.  We told her we were from Obama's district in Chicago, and have registered many times!

Outside convention center - Pro Life group demonstrates.

Heart attack!  Man with a sign "Abortion is Murder" has a heart attack between 15th and 16th.  This picture does NOT do the response justice.  3 officers were on him immediately and assessed.   He was conscious.  1 minute later, a paramedic on a bicycle arrived.  Another minute later the fire truck and 3 more officers.  If you're going to have a heart attack, do it this week in Denver!

Brandi Lozier, a Saline Abortion surviver, stands outside the convention center.  She came with a pro-life group out of Orange County, California.  Here is a link to their site.

The 13.3 group, which is part of the rock-the-vote group, had about a dozen t-shirt clad kids handing out flyers.  13.3 million 19-29 year olds don't have health insurance!

The Pro-Lifers on 16th street, downtown.

One of the few Bush dolls (without the pins).  Do liberals think conservatives collect Obama dolls?

Code Pink Represents.

At Convention Center entrance.  VP?

100 million dead not enough!  This nice gal (we call her Nikita) tried to get us to join the Revolution.  The newspaper, Revolution: Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, has informative articles including "The True Story of Mao Tsetung".  She also gave us a copy of the CPUSA's constituton.  It leads with "At a moment when much of humanity finds itself in a living hell..."  Their site.

Demanding that Obama end bird watching.  Excellent!

She wouldn't tell us what she was protesting, so we moved on...

"Drop Pants, Not Bombs"  Creative, if you're still going in puberty. 

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