Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last Post

We hope you enjoyed our Convention Reports as much as we enjoyed attending. Here are some parting images and videos:

Can the Democrats bring themselves to hire one 9-year-old Cub Scout to advise them on handling the flag.  These aren't lapel pins...


Gov. Palin's speech - the highlight of our two-week trip.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Driving Home

Wednesday night was the end of the red meat giveaway in St. Paul, so we started our drive home early. As we were exiting South Dakota, we visited the famous Wall Drug and the awe-inspiring Mount Rushmore.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Report - September 3

Gov. Palin is the new face of the conservative movement. All we can say is "Wow".

Outside the Xcel Center

Outside the center entrance

Sarah rocks the crowd.

Report - September 2

Tuesday, unofficially the first real day of the Republican Convention, was three hours of speeches. Notable speech-makers: Laura Bush, President Bush, Fred Thompson, and Democrat traitor Joe Lieberman. Fred's speech was all red meat, and was LONG overdue. We anticipate similar partisan language on Wednesday night. Here are the pics from Tuesday:

The Convention Center, 3pm

From the Blogger NoseBleed Seats

The girls with the 'missiles' were at the Gitmo cell:

The Gitmo exhibit, but without the 30-seconds of torture...

Google's un-manned booth

More of a PR stunt, dictated by the Dems.

Looks like some of the vacationing congressmen are in town.

Gitmo exhibiters.  "Close Gitmo" is their message.

The only Ron Paul person seen Tuesday

More 'missile' girls

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Video - Wednesday @ DNC

Footage from our handheld camera after our video camera jammed. Apologies for the fancy image rotations!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Report: September 1

What we saw on an evening walk through Minneapolis:

Make your own hippie sign!  Not many people in this area, except the four boys to the right of this picture passing a joint between each other.

Some of the signs in hippie park.

Smart marketing by the 8th Street Grill, and it worked.  Fish and Chips is our recommendation.

Day One - Canceled

We're in Minneapolis and our first day of the convention was canceled. We regret not going to the convention center anyway, as the pepper spray was in the air. First reports show a great job by St. Paul PD. We'll make a point to join the crowd tomorrow, as this crowd seems to have more enthusiasm than the Denver protesters.

AP Photo.

One noticeable difference from Denver - the media were in the crowd of protesters filming the crimes. We were in the Denver crowd Wednesday, and noticed zero media presence. Part of a plan to show one convention in one light, and the other in another?

Here is a powerful video of DNC's Don Fowler joking about Hurricane Gustov and the impact on the Republican Convention. This is an un-needed reminder of what we face for an opposition. They (Dems) sold their soul long ago, and are an issueless, power-hungry, communist-inspired gaggle of incompatible factions.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

On the Road

We left a boring Denver, and will arrive in an exciting Minneapolis any moment now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Report - August 27

We left at 8pm, about an hour after the Rage the Machine crowd stormed the convention entrance.... then stood there trying to remember why they were raging against the machine.  In other words, they puss'd out for everyone to see. 

One noticeable trend - the conservatives are starting to come out and shaking things up!  The convention crowd can't handle it other than throw some worn out profanity.

We had a video camera malfunction.  Check back for any video we recover.  Enjoy!

A pressing issue facing society today...

We did NOT expect to see Hillary supporters today.  Instead, there were more of them and they were louder than ever!  This pic is in front of the convention center, for all conventioneers to see and hear.  "18 Million Votes" was one of many chants.

Shaking it up!

They stayed like this for 30 minutes.  Wish we could catch a nap mid-day.

This guy knew if he didn't hang out around the pro-lifers, he would be irrelevant and offensive.  Instead, he was just offensive.

Infiltrator!  Shake it up!  And remember, Obama is not a muslim!

Flower children reliving their parents' forgotten memories.

In the gate, waiting for the call.

We snapped this picture then walked on.  Don't know what this was about, but like most things liberal, there appears to be a bit of envy...

Shak'in it up on 16th street.

Forbidden pose outside the Forbidden City.  In the US, knock your socks off!

Code Pink is pre-empting the next war.  We thought Pre-emption was bad...

Stalemate outside the convention center.  The face bandannas and tattoos look intimidating en mass.  But the testicles pull up inside when the moment of truth comes.  Maybe 2012, pussies.

A real-life Democrat who will vote for McCain - period.  

Cool concept.  

A McCain supporter - shak'in it up!

"Stop the Running Toliet".  Another pressing issue that only the Democrats have the courage to address.  Leaders...

Blackhawk helicopters.

These guys came looking for trouble, but found little among the passive convention goers.

Another Stalemate pic.  

Finally someone who addresses the disproportionate abortion rate among the blacks.  Can we count on Obama to fix this?

A cool picture... but he would have wet himself if one of the cops sneezed.

Report: August 26

We stayed late Tuesday hoping for a Hillary Surprise, hence the late post.  Enjoy!

It has been a while since we felt sorry for a liberal, but this was just sad.  The pink sticker on this guy's shirt was common at the convention.  "Make Out, Not War"  Well, this guy and his 4 friends were sitting in front of the Federal Reserve, achieving Self Actualization.

The Truthers were absent Monday, but a few were seen Tuesday.  Their numbers might be falling with the latest study that proved Trade Center 7 did NOT fall from explosives.  

8pm.  Some businesses closing, others opening.  Obama might have more to say about his patriotism, but these girls don't!  And no, we didn't see any vacationing members of congress nearby...

A common scene every 2-3 blocks.  In between: a few police horses or beat cops.  Everything is covered downtown.  An anonymous Denver PD officer agreed with out theory: When tear-gassing liberals, you must use a liberal dose of tear gas!

Is this a convention, or a 4H show?

She'll dance if you're a registered voter.  We told her we were from Obama's district in Chicago, and have registered many times!

Outside convention center - Pro Life group demonstrates.

Heart attack!  Man with a sign "Abortion is Murder" has a heart attack between 15th and 16th.  This picture does NOT do the response justice.  3 officers were on him immediately and assessed.   He was conscious.  1 minute later, a paramedic on a bicycle arrived.  Another minute later the fire truck and 3 more officers.  If you're going to have a heart attack, do it this week in Denver!

Brandi Lozier, a Saline Abortion surviver, stands outside the convention center.  She came with a pro-life group out of Orange County, California.  Here is a link to their site.

The 13.3 group, which is part of the rock-the-vote group, had about a dozen t-shirt clad kids handing out flyers.  13.3 million 19-29 year olds don't have health insurance!

The Pro-Lifers on 16th street, downtown.

One of the few Bush dolls (without the pins).  Do liberals think conservatives collect Obama dolls?

Code Pink Represents.

At Convention Center entrance.  VP?

100 million dead not enough!  This nice gal (we call her Nikita) tried to get us to join the Revolution.  The newspaper, Revolution: Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, has informative articles including "The True Story of Mao Tsetung".  She also gave us a copy of the CPUSA's constituton.  It leads with "At a moment when much of humanity finds itself in a living hell..."  Their site.

Demanding that Obama end bird watching.  Excellent!

She wouldn't tell us what she was protesting, so we moved on...

"Drop Pants, Not Bombs"  Creative, if you're still going in puberty.