Monday, September 1, 2008

Day One - Canceled

We're in Minneapolis and our first day of the convention was canceled. We regret not going to the convention center anyway, as the pepper spray was in the air. First reports show a great job by St. Paul PD. We'll make a point to join the crowd tomorrow, as this crowd seems to have more enthusiasm than the Denver protesters.

AP Photo.

One noticeable difference from Denver - the media were in the crowd of protesters filming the crimes. We were in the Denver crowd Wednesday, and noticed zero media presence. Part of a plan to show one convention in one light, and the other in another?

Here is a powerful video of DNC's Don Fowler joking about Hurricane Gustov and the impact on the Republican Convention. This is an un-needed reminder of what we face for an opposition. They (Dems) sold their soul long ago, and are an issueless, power-hungry, communist-inspired gaggle of incompatible factions.

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